GSoC Week 5: PR reviews and starting CoordSysRect

This week had the dual focus of –

1. Polishing off the Vector framework based on PR reviews

2. Starting the implementation of CoordSysRect+Point

I had thought last week, that the vector classes I implemented in the first PR were the polished version. However, with the reviews given, I have come to realise that a lot of improvements had/have to be made. Francesco Bonazzi, one of the SymPy contributors, was a huge help in improving the code and making it more efficient than what it initially was.

The biggest suggestion for improvement that was provided was to not implement custom hashing and equality checking methods for the Vector classes. Initially, I had overridden the inherited versions of these methods in the new classes, based on tuples generated with respect to the vectorial components of any Vector instance. However, SymPy already has a strong framework for these functionalities, based on the args of a Basic object. Moreover, the SymPy core is apparently being re-written in C++. This would make the SymPy-core versions of the aforementioned methods much, much more efficient than my Python versions.

Luckily, I had implemented the ‘__new__’ methods of the Vector classes in such a way that ‘equivalent’ Vector instances had exactly the same args. This made the usage of the inherited methods much, much easier – the only thing that remained to do was to pass the appropriate args to the superclass __new__ methods. Hence, all Vector classes rely on the SymPy core now, for as much as they can. Phew. Still a problem is the BaseScalar class, whose superclass is Dummy. The __new__ method for Dummy makes it not-possible to pass coordinate-system and index-related information to it – making the appropriate hashing impossible. If I instead inherit from AtomicExpr, I will have to rewrite many methods – not sure if its a good idea. Lets see what the community has to say about this.

About the implementation of the new stuff, I have already finished implementing the Point class. Now I am currently working on implementing CoordSysRect – I am still writing the HUGE __new__ method for this class. For now, I am referring to the tests of sympy.physics.vector while doing the coding. Hope I am successful in writing the classes soon, and integrating it with a polishing and ‘perfected’ version of the vector core.

Thats all for this week. Have a great week!

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