GSoC Week 6: Completing coordinate systems

Phew. This was a busy week. Initially, the plan was to push a WIP PR (without tests maybe) with the code for coordinate systems and point classes. Midway through the week, Jason and I decided to push this new code to the first PR itself, and merge the entire fundamental framework together – in a single PR. Initially I did get a little worked up looking at the amount of work that needed to be done.

However, things moved much faster than expected – though with a lot of issues along the way. There were problems with the args for CoordSysRect, then some issues with the Tree-algorithm for inter-point distance calculation, and then some more with the code that implements orientation of systems wrt each other…you get the drift. But the code is finally done and polished, along with the unit tests and doctests. Thats why the late post this week – I ‘bravely’ decided to get the code fully working, without glitches, and then only do the blogpost for the week. Thankfully, the plan was a success :-D.

Some minor things still remain, like renaming of some attributes to follow conventions  – mostly cosmetic changes, nothing that will affect how the code works.

The next immediate steps now would be –

1. Finish off the PR and get it merged.

2. Study caching mechanisms and implement them in a new ‘patch’ PR.

The first PR is here.

See you later then, next week :-).

2 thoughts on “GSoC Week 6: Completing coordinate systems

    1. Aah. I dint see this. Will have a look. Though it mostly seems like the API, as far as the caching decorator is concerned, remains the same? I like the OOP structure of the new code though.

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