GSoC Weeks 7,8: Beginning with Dyadics

The last two weeks have been slow, hence a common blog post for both of them. Last week was spent in improving the current PR even more, especially with dedicated rotator methods for each type of rotation (Body/Space/Axis/Quaternion) of Coordinate Systems. Its not much, just methods like ‘orient_new_axis’, ‘orient_new_body’, etc. as add-ons on top of the all-powerful ‘orient_new’ method. The coding involved wasn’t much, since the new methods essentially call the ‘orient_new’ method with the relevant parameters. However, the rotation API is now much simpler than using the ‘orient_new’ method for all kinds of orientations – mainly because the extra flexibility provided by the ‘orient_new’ method implies a more awkward API for the same.
Jason, Mathew and Aaron were together at SciPy, during our last week’s GSoC meeting. There, the common consensus was to try and have Rotator classes to make the orientation framework even more user-friendly. Discussing the interface for the same is on this week’s meeting agenda.
A big change that we thought of doing in the timeline was to let go of spherical/cylindrical systems for a while, and instead focus on dyadic tensors – since the code is mostly done (my work during last year’s GSoC), they will be a useful and powerful addition to the vector module.
So my next few (much shorter than the current one) PRs would be-
1) The code for dyadic tensors
2) Documentation for all the basic, non-time-dependent framework
3) Rotator classes(?)
4) Implementation of the Del operator as an SymPy Function
5) Just some basic helper methods to convert vectors from one form (rect/spherical/cylindrical) to another
The code for Dyadics is mostly done, the docs are on-going, and I am thinking of having a common super-class for Vector and Dyadic- called Tensor(inheriting from Expr) – since many of the SymPy manipulation procedures work in the exact same manner for Vectors as well as Dyadics. Will discuss this with Jason soon.

Anyways, thats all for now, have a great week!

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