GSoC end: Vector Module

Phew. Sorry about the late blogpost (and a missed one last week). Google Summer of Code is now officially over, and I am happy to report that I was successful in building a basic vector-manipulation/vector-calculus module for SymPy. The code is now in SymPy’s master, which means it will be released with SymPy 0.7.6. Its been a great 3 months, with intensive software designing, coding and bug-fixing going hand-in-hand to being out ‘sympy.vector’.

I would like to thank Jason Moore, my mentor during this year’s GSoC. Initially, I had begun on my usual path of the ‘lets start coding immediately’ philosophy, but he made me wait it out, figure out extensive use cases, and give stress on the software designing process. This was the first software written by me, with the test-driven development approach. And must say, it does benefit a lot. There were quite a few tricky places, but I am glad I got through it all :-). I couldn’t implement all I wanted to, but atleast I am happy that all I wrote is stable, and works perfectly :-D.

The docs are expected to go in soon, after which you (if interested) may read through them and understand how to use the new module. All in all, its been a great summer!




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