GSoC Week 9: Dyadics done

Not much to report this week, except that the code for dyadics is now done, with a all-tests-passing PR being pushed. A happy moment was the basic vector framework code finally getting pushed. Phew :-). Now the next PR in line is the dyadics one itself.
I also spent time mapping out the API for the Rotator classes, which I will proceed to discuss with Jason during this week’s meeting. I am still a little doubtful about how useful these classes may be, API wise. Lets see about this one.
A problem that I am facing currently is the confusion about the Del operator. I started out trying to write it as a SymPy function, but then I realised that the _outputs_ from the methods of Del should be the ones being defined as unevaluated functions- like Gradient, Divergence, etc. Will have to take this up with Jason too.

Anyways, I hope the dyadics code goes in soon, and I plan to send one or two PRs with more functionality soon. Till then, have a great week!

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